General Contracting Terms and Conditions

1) Introduction

These General Contracting Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GCTC) contain the conditions for purchasing the services available on the website (hereinafter: Website) by the user (hereinafter: User/Buyer/Client). The technical information for using the Website not included in these GCTC is set out in other information available on the Website. In order to use the Website, the User acknowledges and accepts the contents of these GCTC.

2) Service Provider

Name: ARAGO HOTELS Szállodaipari és Szolgáltató Zrt.

Registered office: 1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152. 1st floor door no. 119.

Represented by: Dr. Elemérné Hortolányi, Chairperson of the Board

Company registration number: 01-10-045890

Tax number: 14197338-2-43

Registering court: Court of Registration of the Metropolitan Court

Account managing bank: RAIFFEISEN Bank

Account number: 12001008-00337681-00100005

Site address: LILLAFÜRED SPORTS AND ADVENTURE PARK 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány 8.

Phone: +36-46-546405

E-mail address:

3) Activity indicated on the Website

Distance sale of services indicated on the website only for consumers, by a distance contract, concluded for the services stipulated in the contract by the parties without being physically present at the same time by using only devices and internet access that allows for communication between distant parties. From the Service Provider’s perspective, the Website serves to present the Adventure Park’s services, offer an opportunity to make reservations for the PanIQroom and the Segway attraction, and to subscribe to the newsletter. Users may browse the Website using menus and menu items. Any Promotional services are included separately, indicating the times when the promotion starts and ends. Resale of the products indicated on the Website is not allowed. The Adventure Park may be entered only with a daily ticket, an extra ticket and attraction coupons, or the Service Provider’s payment certificate indicated herein (in possession of the tickets and coupons received based on that certificate); orders, other certificates and documents of payments may not be used for entry.

4) Terms of use

4.1) Liability Purchases made through the Website constitute a presumption that the Buyer is aware of the technical and technological limitations of the Internet and accepts the possibilities of error entailed by technology. The degree of the website’s security is appropriate and its use represents no risk, nevertheless we suggest taking the following precautions: use virus and spyware protection software with an updated database, and install security upgrades of your operating system. Users may use the Website only at their own risk, and understand that the Service Provider will not be liable for any financial and non-financial damage incurred in the course of use, other than liability for damage caused wilfully, by gross negligence or by crime, or for a breach of contract that damages life or bodily health. The Service Provider shall not be held liable for the conduct of website users, and the User shall have full and exclusive liability for the User’s own conduct. The User must ensure he/she does not violate the rights of third parties or legislation in the course of using the website, whether directly or indirectly. The Service Provider may but is not obliged to check any contents accessible by Users in the course of using the website (such as messaging) and the Service Provider may but is not obliged to and will not be liable for any signs that indicate illegal activities in respect of the contents published. In these respects, the Service Provider merely provides an interface for on-line publication.

4.2 Copyright The entire website (text, images, graphical components, etc.) are subject to copyright protection. Contents displayed on the website may be used in whole or in part for purposes other than personal use only with the Service Provider’s prior written approval. They may not be used, printed, reproduced, disclosed, distributed, stored, transferred or used in any other way for serving the public or for commercial purposes without the Service Provider’s approval.

5) Price of the services

Prices of services (attractions) that can be reserved and paid for in advance can be found in the description of the given service (attraction). The prices indicated include taxes. There is no other cost associated with using the service.

6) Reservations and payment via the website

6.1) The reservation process Reservation and payment via the website No registration on the LILLAFÜRED SPORTS AND ADVENTURE PARK website is required for making an advance reservation and payment for the Segway programme. Reservation is made electronically, by completing and submitting an internet form through the Service Provider’s website, on the condition that the user accepts these Business Regulations and recognises their provisions as binding on the User, and has paid the price of the service in advance. The Service Provider may reject any request for reservation if the data provided by the user on the reservation form are untrue or deficient, or circumstances allow for concluding that the purpose of reservation was not to properly use the website. Furthermore, the Service Provider may cancel the reservation if it becomes aware of any abuse, unlawful conduct or action by the user in the course of using the website (browsing and/or reservation). Buyers may propose to make a reservation by clicking the “Reserve time" button on the interface appearing after selecting the Segway attraction in the ATTRACTIONS menu. After clicking the “Reserve time" button, select the day and time of the reservation in the calendar that pops up, along with the number of persons for whom and the Segway tour for which the reservation is made. The selected Segway tours display a description and the price of the selected tour. Once the selection is made, the personal details of the person making the reservation have to be entered. The order may be made and paid for through OTP’s online payment system by clicking the “Bank card payment" button. By clicking the “Bank card payment" button, the buyer makes a binding offer to purchase the Segway rental service, and also accepts that these Business Regulations apply. Once the order is submitted, the Service Provider automatically sends an email confirming that the order has been received and the reservation was accepted. If the buyer spots an error in data after recording the order (e.g. in the confirmation email) or receives no confirmation email, this must be notified to one of the Service Provider’s contact points specified in the GCTC without delay but no later than within 24 hours. The confirmation will include details of the order: the order number, the client’s details, the type of Segway tour selected, the time and the number of persons the reservation was made for, and the total order amount including taxes. Confirmation of the order creates a contract for the sale and purchase of a service between the Service Provider and the buyer, with contents corresponding to the order confirmed and these Business Regulations. For the purposes of these Business Regulations, unless otherwise provided by these Business Regulations, the term ‘contract’ shall mean such a legal transaction. By making a reservation on the Service Provider’s website and by submitting an order by telephone or electronically, the buyer admits that he/she is aware of and accepts the provisions of these Business Regulations and the Data Management Information, understands the process of ordering, and consents to the data management detailed in the Data Management Information. We shall not be held liable for damage arising out of mistakes in interpreting the description. The Service Provider handles the information included in its website with due care, however, changes and typing errors might occur in them. We shall not be held liable for any difference compared to the images in our database, but strive to ensure that product images reflect reality wherever possible. If any information included in the website appears to be vague, deficient or contradictory if read reasonably carefully, buyers must contact the Service Provider’s customer service and request information. Failure to do so will be considered the buyer’s own fault, and liability for any adverse consequences related to that shall vest with the buyer. Also, the buyer cannot raise any complaints, claims, opposition or any legal remedy against the Service Provider if the buyer could have obtained information from the customer service by phone or electronically. If, in spite of all the Service Provider’s care, the wrong price is displayed on the Website, or the wrong price is displayed due to a system error, the Service Provider will not be obliged to supply the product at that wrong price but may offer to supply at the correct price, and the Buyer may waive his/her intention to purchase once the correct price is known. Users making reservations may purchase and act only on their own behalf. In case of reservations, Users must provide the following data: date of rental time of rental user’s name user’s email address user’s phone number type of Segway selected number of persons using the service user’s billing address The User shall be liable for keeping access data confidential. The User is responsible for updating his/her data and must notify the Service Provider if he/she becomes aware that such data were misused by third parties. In case the user fails to give an explicit statement, implicit acceptance of the Service Provider’s offer may not be presumed. Reservation via other contact points for the Service Provider by wire transfer Users may make reservations via other contact points of the Service Provider and may pay by wire transfer in advance. Reservations made this way must be paid by wire transfer within 48 hours of the reservation. If the reservation is not paid, the time reserved will be released and the Service Provider is unable to guarantee that the requested service will be available to the User at the requested time for the requested number of persons.

6.2) Binding offer, confirmation The Service Provider will notify the User about confirmation of the reservation in an automatic confirmation letter. The confirmation email will contain the following: reservation number date of reservation time of reservation user’s name user’s email address user’s phone number type of Segway selected number of persons using the service user’s billing address. The Service Provider reserves the right not to accept orders for a service reserved for a “free time for which orders may be placed" and to reject a contract, and will notify the buyer about this within 48 hours of receiving the reservation.

6.3) Concluding the contract Contracts may be concluded in the Hungarian language. Submitting and paying a reservation constitutes a contract concluded electronically, which is governed by the provisions of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services as appropriate. The contract is subject to Government Decree no. 45/2014. (II. 26.) on the detailed rules of contracts concluded between consumers and business entities, and has regard for the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights. The contract is concluded when the automatic confirmation arrives. The shortest term for the consumer’s obligation and the contract term equal the period until the contract is closed (discharge by contractual performance or conclusion of legal remedy).

6.4) Service Provider’s liability The Service Provider may be liable for providing the services ordered at the right time for the right number of persons only if the User has paid for them in advance. Services may be paid for by bank card payment via the Service Provider’s website or by wire transfer in agreement with the Service Provider’s customer service.

6.5) Contract registration Contracts concluded via the website are not deemed to be written contracts, they will not be archived by the Service Provider and will not be accessible subsequently.

7) Invoice

The Service Provider will issue an invoice about the total price in hardcopy, which the user will receive in person when using the service reserved. If the User wishes to have separate invoices for the persons using the service, he/she shall make a separate order for such invoice copies.

8) Reservation procedure, payment opportunities

8.1) Reservation procedure via the website by bank card payment The User will reserve the time when he/she wishes to use the service on the Service Provider’s website and pay for it using a bank card, and the Service Provider will automatically confirm the reservation. The services reserved may be used at the following location at the time agreed in advance: Lillafüred Sports and Adventure Park, 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány 8.

8.2) Reservation procedure by wire transfer The User will indicate to the Service Provider the time, the number of persons and the type of service package he/she wishes to use via the other contact possibilities. The Service Provider will notify the User about the available services, times, the costs and payment options by e-mail and/or phone. If the User accepts the services offered by the Service Provider and the price, he/she must pay it by wire transfer to the Service Provider’s account number in advance. The Service Provider will be bound only by reservations for services already paid for.

8.3) Payment by bank card via the internet The User may pay for the reservation immediately in the webshop using a bank card. Payment will be administered on the payment interface of OTP Bank’s website as a contracted partner. OTP Bank’s system will send a confirmation on whether payment was successful after payment by bank card. If payment was successful, the services reserved will be available to the User at the time reserved. The services may be used at the Service Provider’s site, where the invoice will also be handed over. If the User fails to use the reservation made and paid for in advance at the exact time or quantity set out in the reservation, he/she will lose the amount already paid and may not reclaim it. Late arrivals will be included in the duration of using the service. OTP Bank Nyrt. will grant the opportunity for card acceptance in our webshop through its secure card acceptance system using an SSL protocol. When paying by bank card, you will be redirected to OTP Bank’s payment page, so that payment will be made directly on a web page operated by the Bank in line with the rules and security requirements of international bank card companies instead of the webshop page. The webshop does not acquire the data, number and expiry date of your bank card or the underlying bank account and has no access to these details. Please prepare your card. You will need the following data for payment by bank card: Bank card number (the number of 13 to 19 digits embossed or printed on the face of the card) Expiry date (the number embossed or printed on the face of the card in mm/yy format) Validation code (the last three digits of the number on the signature line on the reverse side of the card {CVV2 or CVC2}. If no such code is shown on your card, please leave blank the applicable field on the payment page) You can use the following bank card types for payments in our webshop: MasterCard (embossed) Visa (embossed) American Express (embossed) Electron (not embossed) In the case of these cards, it is the issuer bank that determines whether the card may be used over the internet. If the bank that issued your Electron card authorised card use over the internet, you can use your card to make payment in our webshop. Please contact your issuer bank for information. Bank cards issued by OTP Bank are, of course, acceptable. Maestro Maestro cards issued by any bank are acceptable for OTP Bank’s payment interface. The condition for acceptance is that the bank that issued your card should support the use of Maestro cards for e-commerce transactions. Please consult your bank. In order to further enhance the security of card acceptance over the internet, OTP Bank has introduced the Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code (VbV/MSC) service. Essentially, the bank that issued the card used for making payment provides some additional identification possibility for the card holder, which is verified during the transaction and clearly identifies the person using the card. If VbV/MSC services are not available in the bank that issued your card or you have not requested it, the payment procedure will remain unchanged. The webshop will redirect you to OTP’s page where you will enter your card details (card number, expiry date, validation code) and pay the price of the goods/services you purchased. If your bank offers VbV/MSC services and you use this service, the payment procedure will change. You will still need to enter your card details (card number, expiry date, validation code) on the OTP Bank payment interface. Afterwards, however, the Bank will automatically redirect you to the appropriate web page of the bank that issued your card, where you need to carry out the identification procedure. Once you are successfully identified, the payment transaction continues, you will be notified about whether the transaction was successful, and will be redirected to the webshop interface. If you are unable to complete identification, the transaction will close unsuccessfully.

9) Right to cancel

9.1 Procedure for exercising the right to cancel The provisions of this section apply only to natural persons acting outside the scope of their profession, independent job or business activities who purchase, order, receive, use goods, and the addressee of commercial communication and offers related to the goods (hereinafter: Consumer). Consumers may cancel or modify reservations for services commencing at the time reserved within 48 hours after making the reservation, without having to give reasons. Consumers may exercise their right to cancel also by completing and submitting the sample statement attached to these GCTC. If a Consumer intends to exercise the right to cancel, he/she must submit a clear statement spelling out the intention to cancel the service to the Service Provider (by mail or by electronic mail) using the contact points indicated in item 1 of these GCTC. For this purpose, Consumers may use the sample statement of cancellation attached to the GCTC. A Consumer exercises the right to cancel within due time if he/she submits the statement of cancellation to the Service Provider within 48 hours of the time when the reservation was made. It is up to the Consumer to prove that he/she has exercised the right to cancel in accordance with these provisions. In both cases, the Service Provider will confirm receipt of the Consumer’s statement of cancellation by email without delay. In case of a cancellation made in writing, it must be deemed to have been made in time if the Consumer submits the statement of cancellation to the Service Provider within 48 hours of the time when the reservation was made. For the purposes of calculating the applicable deadline, the Service Provider will take into account the date when the statement was mailed if sent by mail, or the time of dispatch by email and/or by mail if sent by email. Consumers should mail the statement as registered mail to be able to credibly establish the date of mailing. The cost of sending the statement of cancellation to the Service Provider’s address shall be borne by the Consumer. The Service Provider will not receive mail sent on a collect basis. The Consumer has no cost associated with the cancellation other than the cost of sending the statement of waiver. If a Consumer cancels the contract, the Service Provider will repay the cost of the service reserved and paid by the Consumer without delay but no later than within five workdays of receiving the Consumer’s statement of cancellation. In making the refund, the Service Provider will use the same method of payment as used by the Consumer in the original transaction, unless the Consumer requests another payment method; the Consumer will not incur any additional costs pursuant to the use of such payment method.

9.2) Cases in which Consumers may not cancel contracts In the case of contracts for service delivery, if the Service Provider commenced delivery with the Consumer’s explicit consent given in advance, the Consumer loses the right to cancel after the entire service has been delivered, and the Consumer acknowledged that he/she will lose the right of termination after the entire service is delivered. If the User has not cancelled the reservation within 48 hours of the time of making it, or has not modified the time and/or the number of participants. In the case of products or services the price or fee of which cannot be influenced by a money market Service Provider and is subject to potential fluctuations also during the 14-day deadline for cancellation. In the case of non-prefabricated products produced by the Service Provider based on the Consumer’s instructions or explicit request, or products clearly tailored to the User. For products that are perishable or have a short best before period. In the case of products in sealed packaging that cannot be returned once opened upon received, for health protection or hygienic reasons. In the case of products that become inseparably mixed with other products after delivery due to their nature. In the case of alcoholic beverages the actual value of which depends on market fluctuations in a manner that cannot be influenced by the Service Provider, and the price of which was agreed by the parties at the time of concluding the sale and purchase contract but contract delivery takes place only after thirty days have passed from the date of concluding the contract. Consumers must refund the reasonable costs of the business if they exercise the right to terminate after performance begins in the event of early performance requested by the consumer.

9.3) Cancellation by Service Provider The Service Provider may cancel the contract within 48 hours after the Consumer made the reservation, in which case it must notify the Consumer about this in writing. If the Service Provider does not cancel the Consumer’s reservation within 48 hours of the time it is made but is unable to service the Consumer on the spot in the time and quantity ordered by the Consumer, it will offer the following options to the Consumer: offer other services of the same value as the reserved services; offer a different time when the service ordered may be used; repay the price of the service ordered on the spot at the service location or wire it back within five workdays.

10) Warranty

10.1) Implied warranty In case the Service Provider defaults with performance, the User may enforce a warranty claim in line with the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Hungarian Civil Code. In case of consumer contracts, a User deemed to be Consumer has two years from the time of acceptance to enforce implied warranty claims for defects in the products that existed at the time when the product was delivered. Users may not enforce implied warranty rights beyond the two years thus specified. In case the contract is not concluded with the Consumer, the User has one year from the time of acceptance to enforce implied warranty claims. Users may choose out of the following warranty claims: Request repair or replacement, except if it is impossible to satisfy the option selected by the Buyer or if satisfying that option would have onerous costs for the business compared to satisfying another demand. If the User did or could not request repair or replacement, he may request a proportional reduction of the price or may repair or have the product repaired at the Service Provider’s cost, or may - as the last resort - reject the contract. The User may shift from the selected implied warranty to another type but will bear the cost of this shift, except if that shift is justified or the Service Provider’s action was the reason for the shift. The User must notify defects immediately upon detection but no later than within two (2) months of becoming aware of it. Users may enforce implied warranty claims directly against the service provider. In the case of defects recognised within six months after delivery (that is, delivery and acceptance), the defect shall be presumed to have existed already at the time of delivery, except if such presumption is incompatible with the nature of the defect or of the product. The Service Provider will be released from warranty only if it rebuts this presumption, that is, it proves that the defect in the product was created after it was handed over to the User. Accordingly, the Service Provider will not have to accept the User’s complaint if it adequately proves that the reason for the defect is a consequence of improper use of the product. However, the burden of proof is reversed six months after delivery, meaning that in case of a dispute, it is the User who has to prove that the defect has existed at the time of delivery.

10.2) Product guarantee Product guarantee arises only if the defect is a chattel (product). In this case, a User who is deemed to be a Consumer may enforce the right specified in item 7.1 or a product guarantee claim, at the User’s option. The only product guarantee claim a User may make may be to repair or replace the defective product. A product shall be deemed to be defective if it fails to comply with the quality requirements applicable at the time when the manufacturer marketed the product or does not have the characteristics included in the description provided by the manufacturer. Users may enforce product guarantee claims within two (2) years of the date when the manufacturer marketed the product. This right will lapse after those two years. Users may make product guarantee claims only to the manufacturer or distributor of the chattel. In case of making a product guarantee claim, it is the User who has to prove that the product is defective. The manufacturer (distributor) shall be relieved of warranty obligation if able to prove that: he manufactured or placed the product on the market in the course of operations other than in the course of its business activity or for purposes relating to his profession; the state of scientific and technical knowledge at the time when he put the product into circulation was not such as to enable the existence of a defect to be discovered; or the defect in the product was caused by the application of a regulation or a regulatory provision prescribed by the authorities. The manufacturer (distributor) needs to prove only one of these reasons to be relieved. No claims under implied warranty and product guarantee may be made in parallel and at the same time for the same defect. In case a product guarantee claim is enforced successfully, however, the User may enforce an implied warranty claim for the replaced product or repaired part of the product against the manufacturer.

11) Warranty

The mandatory warranty for certain durable consumer goods is regulated by the requirements of Government Decree no. 151/2003. (IX. 22.) on mandatory guarantee for certain durable consumer goods. The Government Decree applies only to products sold new under consumer contracts concluded in the territory of Hungary, listed in the Annex to the Government Decree. For the durable consumer goods listed in that Annex, the mandatory warranty period is one year, which will commence when the product is delivered to the Consumer or, if the product is commissioned by the Service Provider or its authorised representative, the date when the product is put into operation. The business will be relieved from warranty obligations only if it proves that the reason for the defect occurred after delivery. No claims under implied warranty and product guarantee may be made for the same defect or in parallel and at the same time. In order to clarify the differences between implied warranty, product guarantee and warranty so that the terms can be used properly by consumers, we recommend consulting the following information as part of the mandatory provision of information: “Annex no. 3 to Government Decree no. 45/2014. (II. 26.) Korm. Sample information on implied warranty, product guarantee and warranty

11.1) Enforcement of guarantee and warranty claims Users may make warranty claims at the following points of contact: Name: ARAGO HOTELS Szállodaipari és Szolgáltató Zrt. Registered office: 1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152. 1st floor door no. 119. Represented by: Dr. Elemérné Hortolányi, Chairperson of the Board Site address: LILLAFÜRED SPORTS AND ADVENTURE PARK 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány 8. Phone: +36-46-546405 E-mail address:

12) Compliance

of the services and attractions available in the adventure park operated by the Service Provider at the site is set out in the statement of compliance at

13) Enforcement possibilities

13.1 Place, time and method for making complaints The User may make consumer complaints concerning the product or the Service Provider’s activities at the following contact points: Name: ARAGO HOTELS Szállodaipari és Szolgáltató Zrt. Registered office: 1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152. 1st floor door no. 119. Represented by: Dr. Elemérné Hortolányi, Chairperson of the Board Site address: LILLAFÜRED SPORTS AND ADVENTURE PARK 3517 Miskolc-Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány 8. Phone: +36-46-546405 E-mail address: The Service Provider will remedy complaints made orally without delay if this is possible. If it is not possible to remedy a complaint made orally without delay due to the nature of the complaint, or the User disagrees with how the complaint is handled, the Service Provider will record the complaint in minutes, which it shall keep for five years together with the Service Provider’s reply to the merit of the complaint. The Service Provider must hand over a copy of the minutes of complaints made orally at the site to the User immediately or, if this is not possible, proceed according to the rules applicable to complaints as detailed below. In case of complaints made by phone or using other electronic communications services, the Service Provider will send a copy of the minutes to the User no later than when sending an answer to the merit of the complaint. In all other cases, the Service Provider will proceed according to rules applicable to written complaints. The Service Provider will allocate a unique identifier to complaints recorded over the telephone or using other electronic communications equipment, which will simplify retrieving the complaint later on. The Service Provider will answer the merit of a complaint received in writing within 30 days. For the purposes of this contract, this action means mailing the answer. If a complaint is rejected, the Service Provider will notify the User about the reason for rejection. 13. Other legal remedies If a consumer dispute between the Service Provider and the User is not settled in negotiations with the Service Provider, the User has the following possibilities: Filing a complaint with the consumer protection authority (filing may be done at the consumer protection organisational unit of the Government Office having competence at the user’s residential address or the Service Provider’s registered office. See contact details at: Proposal to go before an arbitration board Name and registered office of the arbitration board having competence at the registered office of the business: Arbitration Board of Budapest, 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61., 2nd floor, door no. 240 Arbitration Board of B-A-Z County, 3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. 1. Institution of a court procedure.

14) Miscellaneous

14.1 Modifications to GCTC and prices The Service Provider may modify these GCTC, the prices of services sold via the website and other prices indicated in a non-retroactive way at any time; such modifications will take effect after publication on the website and will apply only to transactions that take place after the effective date.

14.2 Technical restrictions It is presumed that when making purchases on the website, the User is aware of and accepts the opportunities and limitations of the internet, with particular regard to technical performance and errors that may arise. The Service Provider will not be liable for any malfunctioning of the internet network that prevents website operation and purchases.

14.3 No advertising The user and/or buyer understands that in conjunction with online purchases, according to Act XLVIII of 2008 (Advertising Act), it is prohibited to advertise alcoholic beverages by an advertisement aimed at children and young people below legal age, presenting children or young people, that encourages inordinate consumption of alcoholic beverages or presents moderation in or abstaining from alcohol consumption in a negative way, associates alcohol consumption with higher physical performance or driving, creates an impression that consuming alcohol contributes to social or sexual success, alleges or creates an impression that alcohol has medical features, has a stimulating or relaxing effect, alleges or creates an impression that alcohol may be a means for solving personal conflicts, or emphasises high alcohol content as a positive quality feature of beverages. It is prohibited to publish advertising for alcoholic beverages on the outside of the front cover of printed press or - in case of websites - on the opening page, before 20.00 o’clock in theatres and cinemas, and/or immediately before, throughout the entire duration of and directly after programmes made for children and/or young people, on products clearly intended for playing and their packaging, in public education and health care institutions as well as on outdoor advertising media within two hundred metres of the entrance of such institutions as the bird flies.

15) Commercial practice

The Service Provider pursues commercial practices corresponding to Act XLVII of 2008, in the course of which it will proceed with a reasonably expected degree of proficiency as well as the due care reasonably expected based on the principles of acting in good faith and fairness. The Service Provider has no separate code of conduct.

16) Data protection regulation

The service provider’s data protection regulation is attached to these GCTC and is available here. 17 Effect These General Contracting Terms and Conditions will come into force on 1 April 2016. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sample statement of cancellation/termination (please complete and return only if you intend to cancel/terminate a contract) To: I/we the undersigned hereby declare that I/we exercise my/our right to cancel/terminate the contract for the sale of the following product/s or provision of the following service/s: Date of contracting/receipt: Name(s) of consumer(s): Address(es) of consumer(s): Signature(s) of consumer(s): (only for statements made in hardcopy) Dated: ………………………………………………………….. signature


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